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The National Alliance wholeheartedly opposes the current government restrictions and views them as an affront to our basic rights and civil liberties. Never before in the UK has a protest against Government been criminally banned. We cannot, we will not stand for this. 

We will therefore provide an organisational structure and platform for those opposing lockdown and the ludicrous 3-tier system. 

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This Government’s disregard for business through the pandemic has been startling. No Government should have the power to disallow local businesses to make money and provide their local area with a local feel. Government policy through this pandemic has vastly favoured big business at the detriment of local ones. 

Through lockdown one and two one of the only ways we could get items from shops was to go to large corporations such as Amazon forcing local businesses out of business. 

We call on Government to immediately allow all businesses to open large or small and pledge never to forcibly close them again. 


Lockdown and coronavirus restrictions have been an enormous strain on the British People. We have seen suicides skyrocket countless families broken up by rising tensions. Yet possibly the worst of all we have left our elderly to die alone in care homes. This is bordering inhuman. 

Government says it is fighting to keep those at risk alive from COVID by shielding them, but the reality is that they are close to the end of their life and baring them from seeing loved ones is damn right cruel. 

Therefore National Alliance is calling on Government to open care homes and encourage every elderly member of our nation to see their loved ones if they so wish. 



Since the first imposition of lockdowns in March of this year there has been growing support to end them and pursue a different policy. The first lockdown was only designed to be for a single month, yet its failure led to almost a year of freedom stripping restrictions. It seems that whenever one set of lockdowns finishes another starts, whether regionally or nationally.

Every time there was a promise of a new dawn, that it would come to an end, if everyone “behaved” and “obeyed the rules,” there was some reason given for an extension or a lockdown somewhere else. It was like a never ending story. In the middle of all this, came the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by tens of thousands of medical and scientific professionals, which stated that the lockdown policies were wrong and asked the government to change policy to one of “focussed protection,” which they gave some detail on. It involved the nation adjusting to living with the covid-19 virus, and stating how that could be achieved.

Instead of listening to this very considered advice, the government dismissed it as if it had been given by people who were clueless. It was an unacceptably derisory way for the government to treat such esteemed professionals. To members of the public who then found out about this alternative way of dealing with COVID-19, it was indeed encouraging as up until then Government had led them to believe that economy destroying lockdowns were the only solution. This clamour for a different way forward to deal with the virus continued to increase, but instead of using the Declaration to change tack, UK decision makers instead hyped up their admitted policies of fear mongering, to ensure compliance with the British People. 

It then became more and more evident what the consequences of lockdowns were for all sections of British society. The economy ravaged, businesses dying, small businesses being fined just because they wanted to open to earn a living, millions out of work, and the national debt skyrocketing to pay for the costs of it all. To add to that, the NHS which the public had been asked to “protect” ended up not protecting millions of patients for for issues from routine operations to serious cancers, and in fact causing the loss of more lives of such people, creating a vast increase in death rates.

Then people who protested about lockdowns were arrested, some quite brutally when they had been peacefully doing so, and the impression was that the government was taking away freedom of assembly, long cherished by this nation.

On top of all of this, there has been the terrible effect on all sections of British society, with the instructions as to who can do what, when and how, and who can visit who, when and how. The older and more vulnerable sections of our communities have really suffered from the callousness and inhumanity  of such restrictions.

The National Alliance will fight to the bitter end to bring about pro-business and pro-common sense change to the government’s lockdown restrictions. Effectively a policy of peaceful fightback, we will support those who wish to live their lives as normal, not the ‘new normal’. We want all our freedoms back, and not just some. You may believe that this attack on basic rights are not effecting you, however do think … they are affecting those around you, we are all in this together, but in a rather different way that Government is saying. 

We simply want proven medical measures to be used in the fight against the virus.

This is a virus we have to learn to live with, like we do with the flu. Let’s not forget they are both members of the coronavirus family, and both will never go away. It was clear many months ago that COVID-19 was only a threat to a minute proportion of our population and that the death rates are no worse than our worst flu death years. If MP’s do not do the right thing and throw out these proposals which will be debated this Tuesday, then the National Alliance will do all in its power to to convince representatives of all parties to vote on their conscience and not along party lines. 

To support these proposals is doing so without a mandate and in our view is undemocratic.

If the proposals are passed we will give every support to Mayors, Councils and Councillors to oppose them in their localities.

Anthony Webber

A spokesperson on behalf of the National Alliance (for freedom from lockdowns)

07824 444604

NB Anthony Webber is an Independent Political Commentator who has opposed lockdowns since day one and who is actively involved in the campaign to be free from lockdowns.