We have been very busy the last few weeks working with many others on having proper informed consent procedures in respect of the mass covid-19 vaccines roll out across the UK.

Whilst we have done a great deal, we have had limited success as we are like David against Goliath in this massive battle with the government.

They have unlimited resources, spending our taxes on their dubious projects.

We have had to do our campaigning on a shoestring and it makes our task more difficult to achieve.

We now have the awful scenario where, for political  not medical reasons, the government is going to roll out mass covid-19 vaccinations of 12-15 year olds, after having jabbed a good proportion of the over 16’s.

This for many of us has been the final straw, and we are carrying out a number of strategies to prevent this happening.

Part of these is give full support and backing to legal methods to stop the government’s onslaught in its tracks.

We are fully supporting Lawyers for Liberty in all the legal letters they are sending out, including thousands to school Head Teachers. This has been the result of excellent work by Jacqui Sanson, Jo Rogers and others.

We are also supporting the legal work being done by lawyer Anna de Buisseret, assisted by Simone Plaut, which includes cease and decease letters and serving legal papers on the Prime Minister and others.

In this regard we have provided assistance in a number of ways including helping with the setting up of an Informed Consent Campaign website, which should be up and running soon, with the skilled work of Nick Harris. 

We have teamed up with David Clews of Unity News, who have campaigned with vigour to combat all the covid-19 restrictions and measures which the government has imposed on us over the last 19 months.

We have been asking supporters to contribute to the fightback which we are involved in and we need to ask for more funds to finance the legal and other work we are doing.

We know people will contribute to our valiant cause, especially when the money raised will help so much to fund positive actions which achieve our aims and objectives. It boosts our morale so much when effort and results are achieved. We can be so much more effective if we can raise the funds to pay for vital legal and other work.

If you are able to contribute to our cause, please see how you can do this on our website.

We have been so stretched and busy helping numerous other “freedom and liberty” organisations in our cause, that we have not been updating our website, although we have been active on social and other media. We are now determined to keep our website up to date especially because of this major initiative we are involved with.

Our objectives have always included helping like- minded organisations, and to improve co-operation, co-ordination and improvement among all of them. 

We have achieved a great deal, especially with regard to the 600 plus local and national freedom from lockdowns groups, and with many individuals and others too.

We hope you will join in our campaign for Informed Consent, against any form of vaccines passports, and to prevent the government mass- covid jabbing our children with experimental “vaccines.”

We now have the former Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi as the new Education Secretary. We simply have to fight to ensure his coercive mass covid-19 vaccine tactics are not used on our schoolchildren !

Anthony Webber

Joint Founder, National Alliance for Freedom from Lockdowns

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