Background and what we have done

Since our launch over a year ago ( November 2020), we have worked hard to help the freedom from lockdowns cause throughout the UK, and indeed overseas too.

This cause involves literally hundreds of local and national organisations, all campaigning in different ways to defend and promote freedom and liberty against an increasingly authoritarian government.

We have been in the forefront of most campaigning actions, either supporting those organised by various groups or organising our own.

Such initiatives have been not just in the UK’s capital, London, but throughout the UK.

They have all been successful in various ways, certainty helped awareness of the cause, and also increased the numbers of people who want to help liberate our country.

We have been involved with a huge ranges of activities: not just the large and small marches, but targeted protests such as media and government offices, going to MP’s constituency offices, writing to MP’s, writing to many public, NHS , local government figures and others, issuing numerous press releases, being involved with advice on local and national elections, Parliamentary Petitions and so much more.

In fact the list is endless and seems to increase all the time as the government increases its authoritarian grip on our society. In fact the very essence of our society as we know it is at serious risk of being destroyed.

What we need to do

We have evaluated the last year on what went well and what we could do better in 2022.

As part of this process we are fully involved with strategy discussions with a number of different “freedom and liberty” organisations and individuals, with the objective of having more co-ordinated, cohesive and effective campaigning in the future.

It was our objective when we started to initiate such improvement in communication and working in unison, to give maximum support to the efforts of different campaign initiatives and to a broader united national UK campaign approach. This we feel is starting to happen, but we are realistic that in order to achieve complete success, it will require a lot of patience, tolerance, love, mutual respect and understanding.

In order to help facilitate the objectives about which we were set up, and in order to bring about a more unified approach whilst still continuing with our day to day activities, we have analysed how best to achieve these objectives.

What we have built up is a lot of supporters and contacts throughout the UK.

We have seen our many strengths, such as resolve, resilience and ability to deal with situations where the odds have always been overwhelmingly against us.

We have been through weaknesses too, such as infiltration and being hacked and attacked.

At one time we lost ten Facebook accounts and also had to start our Twitter account again from scratch.

These are similar to problems most freedom/liberty organisations have been through, and we all have managed to get through these situations much more aware and much stronger.

We have also at times been so busy that we have been poor at updating supporters formally about what we have been doing. We apologise for that and will ensure that we are much better on communications in the year ahead.

What funding can achieve in 2022.

We have also assessed our weaknesses to be lack of resources in all areas, including those of staff.

For far too long we have got by on limited resources and reliance of people doing everything voluntarily.

This is just not sustainable in the long run, and not sustainable for an organisation which aspires to be fully professional and effective.

Any successful campaigning organisation has to have proper resources and staff who are paid.

Even charitable organisations who rely on many unpaid volunteers, still have many paid staff.

People do have families to feed and we cannot expect big commitments from people and expect them to work for nothing. Obviously where people can afford to do that, it is most appreciated.

However, we are constantly coming across situations where a campaign is not as successful as it should be due to lack of professional resources and staff.

Proper resources such as legal, IT, website design and support, office and related services, all need to be paid for. So do all sorts of people whose services are needed to help make a campaign successful.

We also should not expect people to be out of pocket for travelling and other expenditure incurred to fight for the cause. It is simply not fair on the people concerned.

What funding is spent on

To take an example, go into the office of just one constituency MP. Generally, they will have up to three or four staff and then in their Westminster offices some of them have up to about seven staff.

Remember there are 650 constituencies in the UK!

Compare that with the freedom/liberty organisations !

If we examine how effective we have been with virtually no resources and paid staff, just imagine how successful we could be if we at least made a start in becoming more professional !

We already know that fighting on the legal front costs money and we have seen how people will donate for such costs for our worthy causes. Indeed we have partnered with Unity News and the Informed Consent campaign on helping with setting up and legal costs on that consent campaign. We have done the same with other initiatives. The same with effective posters and leaflets. When these are good, people will donate so that others can widely distribute them.

There are so many examples of us needing to take action, often immediately, when the government announces another curb on our freedoms. Often the action we take is limited and less effective because of the lack of resources.

The same on the media front. We need a media department set up to counter the government narrative on a daily basis. We have the people, but we can’t afford to pay them.

The same in so many areas.

One of many other examples is we need to be able to offer immediate support if someone is targeted by the government for standing up to one of the many restrictions which are in force across the UK, such as covid vaccine mandates, passports and coercions. If we can offer such support, then we have more chance of a fight back being successful.

If we want to be more successful, we can be, but we need to have the resources and that costs money.

What we have shown is what we can do with limited resources, and we know we could be ten times more effective with sufficient funding.

The government have constantly changed their agenda, and announcements this year by them confirm how far they are prepared to go in their fostering of fear and control. The recent decision on secondary school children having to wear face masks all day, is nothing short of child abuse. We urgently need the resources to combat such government decisions so that they abandon them.

Political objectives

There is also the political situation. We have to influence MP’s to end the UK Coronavirus Act and amend the 1984 Public Health Act, amongst other things.

We also have to work hard to ensure that future MP’s and those elected to local government are going to support the freedom/liberty cause.

Currently we are involved with trying to organise more cohesion and less fighting each other in elections, with the various parties and individuals who support liberty and freedom. This is so important, as there will be a General Election for 650 MP’ within the next two years and we need to ensure that we have a House of Commons made up primarily of those who support freedom and liberty. Those who will never allow the UK to degenerate into a society where government is by coercion and dictates. 

There will also be thousands of elections in local government. We can make a real effort to ensure that we have politicians who are not of the same mould as before.

We are also currently making an effort with by-elections so that the public are informed as to who is the most suitable freedom/liberty candidate to vote for. This can and will be done so much better with improved resources.

We also have to prepare to endorse candidates or even allow candidates to stand under a National Alliance UK banner ( as this is something we are constantly asked to facilitate). We are realistic and are not trying to achieve “mission impossible,” but we do believe we can bring about a change in direction in British politics so that our freedoms and liberties are guaranteed for the future. 

Parliamentary Petition for a Referendum on abolishing the UK Coronavirus Act.

This Petition has succeeded in qualifying for consideration of a Parliamentary debate. We thank the well over 104,000 people who have signed so far.

The reasons for the Petition are dealt with in a separate article, but a key reason is to bring about two sided, equal and fair debate on all the covid issues, something which has been denied to the electorate from the beginning of this crisis. 

This will make a real difference on educating the public on the truth of what is going on, as opposed to the constant lies put out by the government. 

We do not know if we will achieve a Referendum, but it is a fundamental right as at no time has the government ever had the public’s consent for the covid actions they have taken. 

We want all covid issues to be debated, whether they are travel restrictions, quarantining, testing and tracing, mass covid vaccinations, mask wearing, restrictions on schools and places of work, furlough, huge unjustified covid expenditure, and so much more.

One of the many positives about the National Alliance is that we are broad based and not focused on single issues such as covid- vaccine passports, or school mask wearing, etc., even though we support all single issue campaigns. National Alliance can be relied upon to fight hard on all issues until we win on them all.

This year, among our many plans, are that we aspire to facilitate local area debates on government covid policies. This has already happened in a couple of localities, with great success. Local politicians and health officials simply cannot compete with the truth and they lose in open and free debate.

So if you want the cause to be more effective in all areas, then please contribute whatever you can to the National Alliance UK. If you cannot afford anything, then register as a supporter, and we will tell you about what we are doing and how you can be involved.

All good wishes

Anthony Webber

Joint founder, National Alliance ( UK) – for freedom from lockdowns.

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