The Vaccination of healthy children against Covid-19, within their schools and academies, raises serious safeguarding and safety concerns, which OFSTED and the HSE must respond to immediately.  

An announcement is expected from the Chief Medical Officers, Professor Whitty, Dr McBride, Dr Smith and Dr Atherton in respect of the Child Vaccination Programme being ran in schools, in direct opposition to the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation’s advice on 3 September 2021. 

In anticipation of that announcement, we have written to each of Ms Newton and Ms Spielman, as the heads of regulatory bodies concerned with the protection of children and safety in schools. We hope that they can provide some reassurance and support to parents, headteachers and teachers who are concerned about this likely next development relating to the proposed Child Vaccination Programme. 

The Letter

The website can be found at the link on this page:, the letter here: reference letters can be found here:

If an announcement is made then:

•             This announcement is in direct opposition to the guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations on 12-15 year olds issued on 3 Sept 2021.

•             JCVI guidance makes it clear that some children will be harmed and that “the margin of benefit… is considered too small to support universal vaccination [of this age group]”

•             It puts teachers and staff into the firing line with potential legal, health & safety and safeguarding issues. 

•             This is a political decision, not made in the best interests of children.

Who are we?

We are a group of professionals, from a variety of campaign groups, consisting of solicitors, legal practitioners, law firms, doctors, scientists, current and ex-headteachers, and a child protection specialist. We are all deeply concerned that any expected announcement will be in direct opposition to the JCVI Advice.

Next steps

We are expecting the announcement to be released imminently.

In addition to the recipients, the letter will be sent to the Department of Education, Heads’ Union by email and then the headteachers, local authorities, governors and trustees (as appropriate) by automation from parents and teachers, here:

How to connect?

Contact us at: Jacqui Sansom: (cc

OR Jo Rogers: (cc or 0771 445 5777

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