Very recently, the New year Honours were announced.

There are too many to go through them all but initial focus was on the awards to a number of key senior NHS officials and to former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

An article in the Telegraph questioned why the honours were being given to people like Chris Whitty, Jonathan Van-Tam and others before the official national inquiry into the conclusion of the national inquiry into the Pandemic ? This is a very serious issue as what happens if these very same officials are subject to accusations of reckless and ill informed decision making and even of criminal negligence?

This story simply could not be allowed to be a focus for media discussion, and suddenly the agenda changed. Something had to be found to distract attention away from the serious issue of whether NHS officials should receive Honours before the Pandemic inquiry established who if anyone merited receiving them. The answer was staring them in the face ! Tony Blair ! He received his Honour at the same time.

If there is one thing about Tony Blair, he certainly brings out the emotions in people. Since the Iraq war he has had huge numbers who have no regard for him whatsoever. He still has his supporters, as his Knighthood has been defended by many, including the current leader of the Labour party, Sir Keir Starmer. However, anyone starting a Petition about rescinding his Honour would be almost guaranteed a massive response.

Step forward then an Angus Scott, a part time actor, who almost immediately presented a Change.Org petition to have Tony Blair’s Knighthood rescinded. In fairness to him, he admitted that it had no chance of rescinding the award and that is was an opportunity for people to express their disapproval of it. The petition was taken up straight way by all the mainstream media and has already hit over a million signatures in an amazingly short space of time.This is what happens when a petition is promoted. If only all petitions received equal media treatment instead of being ignored, but that is not happens if it so suits the powers that be.

Whatever the intention of this petition, it has succeeded in taking the focus of attention away from the senior NHS officials who were given awards.

This is most important, as nearly one in five of the 1122 honours given are for “covid-related” service.

It is an absolute scandal that so many awards were given out irrespective of the fact that we still have not had the Pandemic inquiry !

This distraction has worked and thus so far the disgraceful awards to senior NHS officials has been removed from the public’s attention.

If the same Angus Scott had started a petition asking for the senior NHS official’s awards to be rescinded, I wonder how much mainstream media attention there would have been ?

I suspect absolutely none ! The mainstream media has been supporting the government agenda since the start of the pandemic, so such a petition, would have achieved nowhere near the number of signatures the Tony Blair one managed.

It would also be fair to say that if Angus Scott had had no support from the mainstream media for his Tony Blair petition, that it would be doing nowhere near as well as has done. In fact it would have been a non- story, but the powers that be decided otherwise. Here is the rescind the Tony Blair award petition:

It is worth mentioning that there are a number of covid related Petitions which have received no mainstream media attention at all. These are all Parliamentary Petitions, which means there is a chance of actual Parliamentary decisions, as opposed to other forms of petitions, which are effectively like opinion polls.

The most far reaching is the one which requests a Referendum on abolishing the UK Coronavirus Act:

This has qualified for consideration for Parliamentary debate with no help from the mainstream media.

If it had had any such support, it would be a good five times the current level of signatures, as the general population are simply unaware of its existence. This Petition cause is a fundamental issue, challenging all aspects of government covid policy.

See reasons for signing the Petition:

20 good reason why we need a Referendum to abolish the evil UK Coronavirus Act

There is also a Petition which is covid vaccine safety related:

Again, this has had no mention in mainstream media.

There is also a Petition on vaccine mandates for staff:

Which also has had no media attention. It has qualified for a consideration of a Parliamentary debate.

As this subject has already been effectively debated, it is unlikely to achieve a different result.

The power of the mainstream media is clearly still strong and the fact that the signatures of the rescind the Tony Blair Honour petition have included thousands of freedom from lockdowns supporters, only demonstrates this. It is indeed a very clever means of getting our eyes off the ball as so many of us have been more than happy to sign this, not even being aware or indeed caring if we have been well and truly manipulated !

It is important to remember that while many people who are awarded honours really deserve them, the system which gives honours to do those who don’t deserve them is very corrupt indeed.

It is important to reform our system so that bribery and offering of honours in return for political support is ended without further delay.

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